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  • #CaringOfChildren

    Childrens have very sensitive mind. They behave with us what we behave with them.

    If we shout they learn shouting.
    If we cry they learn crying.
    If we smile they learn smiling.

    Actually in small age they are dependent on us and they do what we teach them.

    #PUB -G

    Now a days dangerous antivirus has come in child's mind.
    Let's not talk about them but atleast youngster understand.
    If they will play, definitely their children will play.

    Our children's future is in our hand. Hold it and show them what is right and what is wrong.
    Don't let them go to wrong direction.

    Those games effects their mind and they actually behave like the character of game.


    Love your children.
    They understand the language of love rather than shouting.
    Let's be a bright future.