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When I’m trying to open my msg box there’s something like that image so I can’t open it any one guide me how can I open my message box without any hesitation

naina 1 week ago

Thanks for ur suggestion I was tried that and it was open

jd 1 week ago

Then log in Profile > inbox

jd 1 week ago

U can open in chrome...

naina 2 month ago

Thanks to suggestions and link but I can’t download as I’m using iPhone so there’s no any apps which you sent it link

Arth 2 month ago 👆Link to download bites apk 👆

Arth 2 month ago

Naina... Download "bites" apk from Play store & Login there...You will can see your MB msg in bites apk

naina 2 month ago

Ohk thanks guys

A.P 2 month ago

You have to subscription. In a way the charge for running this app will have to be paid .than you message box will open.

Khushboo Bhardwaj RANU 2 month ago

Subscription लेना होगा आपको,, ,, यहां ऐसा ही होता है। पहले सिर्फ inbox open नहीं होता,,,फिर posts भी open नहीं होती जब तक subscribe ना करें।।

naina 2 month ago

What recharge can you explain me?

A.P 2 month ago

Recharge karna padega ji apko MB massage box open karne ke liye tb open hoga .

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