English Romance status by wingsenslaved on 28-Aug-2019 12:04am

Trenching feline eyes
Teaching heart
Deciding destinations
on filthy coveting
Lusty self

Mind plotting
the journey...
Encroaching me
your musculine embark
stole into my pride

You crossed the threshold
Air wafting with the

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wingsenslaved 11 month ago

Hmm but due to indian community, they might have their own society rules, i rispect it, though i uploaded few, will not again do the same mistakes.

Kishan Suryavanshi 11 month ago

As eroctica is also a form of literature and art and it is as identical compared to other forms they should allow. This mindset is not good.

wingsenslaved 11 month ago

As i noticed matrubharti doesn't allowed erotica to publish. So can't post all writups in here.

wingsenslaved 11 month ago

Thankyou very much ?. If time permits do visit my insta page for more treasured pearls of mine? @wingsenslaved

Kishan Suryavanshi 11 month ago

This creation is one more fabulous example to be categorised as EXTRA ORDINARY. No words to praise this .... ???

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