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Feels like it's over
When you see me
With that dried eyes

I am tired

Tired of being so good
For each and every misbehave!
For every hurting word to me

Tired of carrying Coalgate smile
Even when my heart bursting in sadness

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Dhaval Patel 2 year ago

Daro mat bindiya ji galtiya to Sabhi se hoti hai. Daar ke aage jeet hai

wingsenslaved 2 year ago

Read my previous, starting bites. I uploaded gujrati only

wingsenslaved 2 year ago

Likhti hu, pr shbdoki likhavt,kuch gltiyo se drti hu, itni bhetrin smj nhi hai

Dhaval Patel 2 year ago

Bindiya ji Kabhi Kabhi Hindi gujrati me likha karo

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