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Someone asked Sigmund Freud about what women want?
He accurately replied, 'The only thing women want men to stop asking stupid questions like that.' ??

That was just a joke but there are people actually wondering about this question. Being a woman, I've here put my views on it... <

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Swati Joshi 2 year ago

Thank you very much for the wonderful comment. N sorry for d late reply. I really appreciate your views on the article n glad to know that you have received it exactly as it should have been. Keep reading n writing me back as well. Thanks again! ??

Swati Joshi 2 year ago

An average 'Indian' male might be thinking on it but I think he hardly gets that time or chance to express himself.

Kishan Suryavanshi 2 year ago

Average common male never hardly thinks on this. He gets understood at later stage of life.

Kishan Suryavanshi 2 year ago

Swati very brief but highly expressive ideas. Women's need stays as you have mentioned but priority differs as per her age. When she is small her needs differs from needs when she is teen. Then after needs priority changes as per time age and circumstances of way of her life. I think Self esteem and security stays on top list in any stage of her life. One more thing women needs is to recieve gratitude from near one's for her sacrifices to make all of them happy. Keep posting.

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